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Putting together a fabulous children’s birthday party

Putting together a child’s birthday party can be a bit daunting. As I have recently done one, I decided to put together a little guide to organising a children’s birthday party.


If the child is not able to express their wishes yet, think about what they like. What theme suits their little budding personality? How do you see your child or what lenses do you view them through?

table setting

My little boy is a little bit wild, with a lot of energy, bopping up and down all day and never stopping. Picking a jungle theme was quite easy for us to arrive at as I wanted to tap into that.


This can be as elaborate and as conservative as you want. The best way to decide on décor is to think about what you want your décor to say, how you want the day to be remembered and how you want your pictures to turn out. You can have minimal décor, elaborate, understated elegance, over the top, no décor at all.

My advice is to keep a goal in mind, do you and stick with your budget. If paying professionals is expensive, try doing some things yourself, get creative and search pinterest for ideas.

Entertainment for Children's Party

A starting point is to choose activities that go in line with the theme of your party. If you’re having a Disney, Superheroes, Frozen or Dinosaur theme, you can have children entertainers representing this theme at your party. The entertainer will create fun and engaging activities with the kids.

As my little boy is not yet at that age where he’ll sit to listen or participate in group activities, this was not an ideal activity for us. So we hired play items that were appropriate for his age and for other children older than him.

Activities for Children's Party

Bouncy castle – children aged 4 and above love going on a bouncy castle. If it’s at a party then the party gets a double thumbs up. Even girls in tiara and Cinderella dresses love a bouncy castle.

Bouncy castle

Soft play – this is ideal for children aged 2 and below. If your child has previously been to a soft play, then they will know how to have fun with this. If they haven’t been to a soft play area yet, all they need is 30 minutes before they start having fun with it.

soft play

A good tip to remember is that a child’s birthday party is just for them to have fun. So, run with it and try to have fun while at it.


There is a lot to think of here but here is a list of some food items to consider. Burgers, sandwiches, French fries, fish fingers, chicken, pizza etc.

Pastry box

When it comes to snacks, you can have pastries, candy floss, popcorn, sweet cart or even an ice cream truck at your party.

Party Favours

You can get prepacked party bags or let your theme direct you in choosing the party favour bags and items. Set a budget per person and pick items that you think kids will love and appreciate.

jungle theme party favours

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