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My stay at the beautiful Batty Langley, boutique hotel

I’ve been itching to tell you guys about my stay at the beautiful Batty Langley but there’s been a lot to talk about. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking you through our London trip so now I really need to share about the hotel.

Batty Langley is a Georgian style hotel in Central London. The hotel is on a cobbled street within 3 minutes’ walk of Old Spitalfields London.  Location is great, with easy access to everywhere you need to be. Once you step into the hotel lobby, it feels like you’ve stepped into a new world.

Reading table in Joseph Moser room.

The hotel décor is old, quaint, eccentric and cute. I’m talking beautiful drapes, furnishings, tapestry, drawing room and overall design. It is remarkably different from what you’ll expect in a posh hotel in the city but it works beautifully well.

There is a special feeling about being in the beautiful Batty Langley hotel. It almost feels like you are in a gorgeous manor or somewhere similar. You can spend time in the drawing room in front of the fire with a drink living in the moment. There’s an outdoor area, a library you can utilize and the staff are exceptional.

Bed in Joseph Moser room


We stayed in the Joseph Moser room which had a beautiful dark wood bed frame, sitting area, wardrobe space and a gorgeous bathroom with freestanding bath. All the rooms in the hotel are individually designed with antique pieces and beautiful old furniture. Also, each room has a picture of the person it is named after on the wall.

The bathroom gave me really good vibes and my little boy didn’t want to stop playing there. The bath was stocked with REN toiletries and it was really inviting so I had a good soak after drinking lots of wine with the lover.

Sitting in the roll top bath

Lewis too had a mini soak and afterwards took a few pictures. Bonus pics…

Lewis in a robe on the bed
Lewis in a robe on the bed
Lewis standing in the bathroom sink

Verdict: The beautiful Batty Langley feels like a posh home away from home. It is warm, inviting and generally good vibes.

Pro-Tip: Book a room with a freestanding bath and if you want to splurge, you can book the Batty Langley room.

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