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Our family staycation weekend in London

Ok guys! It’s time for me to share about my London trip and I hope you guys are ready for all the deets about my family weekend in London.

Sometime in 2020, we booked to go to Dominican Republic for the last week of May 2021. Which was also going to be my last week of maternity leave but due to the ongoing pandemic, we cancelled our booking. So, myself and the husband decided to have a weekend of relaxation in London before my return to work.

Hello London sign

London is the cultural capital of the UK and the most exciting city in Europe to visit. I used to live in London so visiting for me is all about doing the things I enjoy in the city and just generally relishing being in the big smoke. London has so many sights and restaurants I love so all I do is just relish in them.

There are so many incredible sights such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Big Ben to see. This city is packed with history and interesting neighborhoods such as South Kensington, Knightsbridge, Shoreditch, Camden Town and little Venice are worth visiting.

Day 1

Anyway, on our first night, we stayed in Batty Langley which is a gorgeous 5-star hotel in Central London. We had good plans of eating out that evening but our little boy was cranky, so we decided to eat in. There was a nando’s up the street, so we had a cheeky nando’s, bought a bottle of Port, then ate, drank and played some games.

The hotel was great, but our weekend in London was anything but relaxing. My little boy who is clocking one soon realized we weren’t at home and therefore refused to sleep or cooperate with us. He was awake most of the first night and finally got some sleep between 5-7am. He mostly slept the following day when we were out of the hotel.

Hotel room in Betty Langley

Day 2

The following morning, we went to Covent Garden. For some reason, every time I go to Central London, I always go to Covent Garden. I think it is a good place to chill, have a gander, a beer and people watch.

Posing next to red telephone box

After we left Covent Garden, we went to Aubaine Notting Hill where we had a super gorgeous brunch. Then headed off to Hyde Park where we spent the most of our afternoon.

Plate of eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce

Hyde Park is one of the most popular parks in central London. When you are on the grounds, the serenity and peacefulness, will make you forget you are in the middle of a bustling city. It has a beautiful lake with ducks, children’s play area, areas to go swimming, boating, cycling and play team games.

Our boy had never been in a park this size or seen large number of ducks and pigeons. So it was quite exciting for him to see them, walk a bit and just play.

Pigeons in hyde park

For our night meal, we met up with some of our best friends and it was really good to catch up with them over food. We went to the ever amazing and never disappointing Hare and Tortoise in Bloomsbury. This is one of my all-time favorite places to eat in London as you can trust the quality of the food time and time again. It is not a fancy or boujie restaurant but it serves good Japanese and pan-asian dishes.

Black bean noodles
Curry Lahksa

For our second night, we stayed at the Park Plaza Victoria London. We enjoyed staying in this hotel as it was easily accessible for us. It was a more restful night but the little man struggled to sleep in the cot and mostly slept in bed with us.

Day 3

The third day, we had a gander around Tower bridge after which we went for a meal at NAC Mayfair. The menu was ok, a bit pricy but the actual food was a bit uninspiring. I wanted more flavours, more magic on my plate but it was a bit flat.

Standing in front of tower bridge

This post does not cover everything we did in London as I’ve left some things out. However, our weekend was about food, drink, walks in the park and leisurely enjoying the city.

Verdict: If you’re spending a weekend in London, check out Tower bridge, Covent Garden and Hyde Park. You will enjoy spending some time there.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good weekend in London. Buy a beer, grab some snacks, go to a park and voila.

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