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Announcing our giveaway winner


It’s time to announce the winner of our giveaway post but I’ll like to first say, thank you to everyone for joining us on this journey. Even if you subscribed or followed simply for the giveaway, I hope you have enjoyed been on this journey with us. I also hope you will stick around and follow us around the world.

My hope is that I inspire you to travel and that you get to discover amazing places for yourself. Our world is full of beauty and I hope you get to share inthat magic.

Now to the important topic at hand, the winner of our Nigerian giveaway is:

Joke Stevens @shopjoona           Congratulations girl!

There was only 1 participant in our UK giveaway but the participant didn’t share our post on their page so unfortunately, they have been disqualified.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who participated. I hope as this community grows, I will have more gifts to share with you all.

If you haven’t, subscribe to the newsletter, follow @livingwithtola on instagram and you can also check out some of my other posts here.

Thank you again and see you soon. xx

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  1. Jiya_.dee


  2. Ignatius Christiana

    Congratulations shopjoona

  3. Pretty_mimi89

    Congratulations to the winner. Tried my best, I thought I would win. Much Love ❤️

    1. Tola

      Sorry you didn’t win mama! Thank you for participating

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