You are currently viewing Costa Rica is the holiday destination of a lifetime

Costa Rica is the holiday destination of a lifetime

Thinking of Costa Rica brings a smile to my face. It gives me heart flutters and belly butterflies. It is literally my dream location and holiday heaven. Costa Rica is famous for its volcanoes, jaw dropping beaches, the outstanding nature and bio-diverse animals.

Costa Rica literally means rich coast and this name is derived from the beautiful coastline the country enjoys. Before going to Costa Rica, I was already in love with it, I was just waiting to see it.

Visiting the rich coast

Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world, they have a high life expectancy, and it is easy to see why. The locals refer to themselves as “Tico” and they have a laid-back attitude to life. They like to work a bit, relax and enjoy the abundance of nature and blessings they have.

Views of Guiones beach

One of the things I loved about Costa Rica is how the locals loved and believed in their country. There is a true sense of identity, they love their country and love their place in the world. As a British-Nigerian, I know a lot of brits do not trust the UK government. While most Nigerians, believe the Nigerian government causes them more harm than good.

Here are 5 Fun facts about Costa Rica:

  • 25% of its land mass is protected.
  • There is no armed forces.
  • It is the most bio-diverse country in the world with over 500,000 wildlife species.
  • It has over 800 miles of beautiful coastline.
  • There are over 500 volcanic formations in the country.

From the UK, I flew into Liberia where I spent a night in a family run bed and breakfast. From there, I took private transportation to La Fortuna and here is where my love adventure begins.

La Fortuna

As Costa Rica is eco heaven, I stayed at Rancho Margot which is just outside La Fortuna and it is an off the grid, sustainable resort. Everything you eat here is grown and reared on the grounds of the resort. The grounds are beautiful, nestled close to Arenal Lake with beautiful zen inducing accommodation.

Lake view in Rancho Margot

While I was in La Fortuna, I went to Sky Adventures where I went ziplining across the jungle and white water rafting on the Piedras Negras River. I also spent some time relaxing at EcoTermales, where I had an absolutely amazing time visiting the hot springs. While on the grounds, I had the best chicken nachos I have ever had in my life.


EcoTermales is a must see when you go to La Fortuna and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. The thermal springs are believed to have mineral-medicinal properties that can heal. EcoTermales has a daily cap on visitors and operates a time-slot schedule from 9 – 4pm and 4 – 9pm. This helps prevent overcrowding and you will leave here relaxed and rejuvenated.

Posing in the thermal springs of EcoThemales
Thermal springs in EcoThermales

La Tigra

When I left La Fortuna, I headed over to La Tigra Rainforest Lodge where I spent another couple of days totally disconnected from the world at large. There isn’t much to do in La Tigra but it is an ideal location to rest and recuperate. The lodge is located on the outskirts of a tropical rainforest and in a conservation area. The property organises a night hike which gives you an opportunity to see some of the animals in Costa Rica. While on the hike, I saw snakes, frogs, toads, chameleon and even armadillos. Yay! If you are an animal lover.

Red-eyed tree frog


From La Tigra, I made my way to Nosara and this village is absolutely delightful. Nosara is the yoga capital of Costa Rica and this village exemplifies the pura vida lifestyle of the people. If you are adventurous, going surfing is a must or you can learn from one of the surf schools here.

View of Guiones beach

The most fulfilling part of my holiday was in Nosara and as soon as I touched ground, I rented a quad bike to get around. Riding a quad bike on major roads, dirt track and up to the beach gave me literal wings. It made me feel empowered, alive and walking in the clouds. It felt like I conquered a fear, and I was able to explore the area on my terms.

Stopping for coconut drink on my quad bike

In line with my Eco dreams, I stayed at Driftwood Glamping and while in Nosara, I spent my time enjoying the beach, eating, drinking and watching sunset. It was what I needed for the last few days of holiday and I would totally recommend visiting Nosara to anyone. I enjoyed my time at Driftwood and I bonded with the lady at the bar as she was playing Nigerian music, which got me really excited. However, it is quite far to downtown and there isn’t much to do here so beware.

Verdict: Costa Rica should be top on your list of countries to visit and I can’t wait to revisit with my lover and child.

Pro tip: this is a very safe country to visit as a solo female traveler. If you are going in a group, hire a 4×4.

Unspoiled view of Guiones beach

I hope I have given you guys enough reason to go to this amazing country and let me know what you think of Costa Rica in the comments.

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  1. Joona

    Such an interesting read. How does it work without armed forces though? I got curious 😂.
    I’ve always wanted to get on those power bikes. Costa Rica looks like a great place to visit thanks to you!❤

    1. Tola

      They don’t plan to go to war so they don’t need military but they have police force for regular enforcement.

      1. Joona

        Wow. Fascinating 👏

  2. Jiya_.dee

    Wow, am a lover of nature, am already in love with this place, it’s so beautiful and full of life, I wish to go to COSTA RICA😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Tola

      It is really lovely to visit

  3. Ignatius Christiana

    The pictures here are really captivating. I have also seen a documentary about Costa Rica and I must say that they are in tune with nature. I love their foods especially, home grown and so healthy. The people have a good sense of hospitality. It is really a delightful destination

  4. Ignatius Christiana

    Watched a documentary on Costa Rica recently and everything you said here is true. They have not lost touch with nature at all. With such environment, life expectancy will be really high. I look forward to tasting their fresh foods. This is such a delightful destination

    1. Tola

      I truly love Costa Rica. It is one of my top 3 destinations ever

  5. Tola

    I’ve always wondered about Costa Rica, this is such a lovely read. How long did you stay Tola? Really considering it for one of my solo adventures! Thanks for sharing. Thank

    1. Tola

      I went on a solo trip also and never felt unease at any point in time. Totally loved it.

  6. Tola

    This was such a lovely read Tola, thanks for sharing. So happy you’ve advised it’s safe for female solo travel 💃🏾Pls how long did you stay? I’m really considering It for one of my solo adventures.

    1. Tola

      Hi babe, I would recommend 7-10days and I believe the best areas to stay are La Fortuna, Monteverde, Nosara and Tortuguero. It is honestly a beautiful place to visit. You will feel at ease and at home immediately.

  7. Pretty_mimi89


  8. Xtiana_ebosa

    Wow this is beautiful, have heard a couple of things about Costa Rica and right now I can attest of it all. Such am amazing place to visit

  9. Abiodun Ogunnika

    always wanted to visit, so innovative!! had a friend who visited there and i used to video chat with her, those rainy days and thunder were loud!!! beautiful place!!

  10. Ope

    Sounds like they are very content with life, no armed forces too. Interesting!

    1. Tola

      Yes, they live a very easy going and enjoyable life.

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