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Views of Dubrovnik from a lookout point

Come with me to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Before the pandemic, I took a few days off work, jumped on a flight and flew to Montenegro. I landed in Podgorica Airport and from there, picked up a pre-arranged hire car and headed on my way. I spent a few days in Montenegro and then embarked on a solo road trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. This post will only focus on Dubrovnik as I’ll do a separate post on Montenegro.

Dubrovnik is a charming old city, sitting on the Adriatic coast and it is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Sites. This beautiful city has an understated, stylish and even posh appeal about it. The terracotta rooftop, limestone paved streets and rugged buildings pulls you in to discover and explore a little more.

Views of Dubrovnik walls from outside the walls

I had a Game of Thrones City Tour scheduled but it started raining at the time of my tour so I made my way to a bar. I had a delicious burger, banter with the staff and a few beers in there while it rained outside. Late in the evening, I went for a meal at Dubravka and after leaving the restaurant, a busker stopped me for conversation. He then proceeded to give me a tour of Dubrovnik. 

Following a random stranger around an unfamiliar city at midnight is one of the craziest things I have ever done. This turned out great for me, but please don’t go following random strange men at night.

This guy essentially gave me a free walking tour of the city. He showed me incredible views of the city, the pier, one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe and lookout points across the city. This is an experience I treasure and hold close to my heart.

Me sitting outside the old town of Dubrovnik

Things to do in Dubrovnik:

Stradun – this is a pedestrian street, and it is the heart and center of the city. It is full of restaurants, bars and with gems on its little side streets and alleyways. The Stradun is a good place to people watch, drink a beer or have an ice-cream.

Walls of Dubrovnik – this used to serve as a fortification for the city and throughout the middle ages, it was never breached by invaders or foreign army. From the walls, you will get panoramic views of the city and this is a definite way to enjoy the city.

Take a walking tour – there are different walking tours of the city you can take. 

Stradun, Dubrovnik
Old buildings with terracota roof

Verdict: Dubrovnik is gorgeous and filled with history. It is on my Top 10 Europe city destinations so put it on your list and pay a visit when you can.

Pro Tip – Combine a visit to Dubrovnik with a trip to Montenegro. 1 – 2 days is enough time to enjoy Dubrovnik except if you’re planning beach stays or boat trips.

P.S. To my African sisters, if you’re looking for an oyinbo husband, this is the place for you. They love black women and if you spend some time, you will have men swooning over you. I got a sort of George Clooney lookalike begging for my number and asking for a date.

Myself and a George Clooney lookalike

So, get tripping my sisters and go get your mans!

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  1. Joona

    I literally started screaming when I saw that you had a Game of Thrones tour🥺. That’s my favourite show. I’m greed with envy 😂😂😂.

    1. Tola

      Bless you! It was cool

  2. Joona

    An interesting read as always👏. I’ve taken note for the oyinbo husband tip😂. Can’t wait for the next piece!💕🫂

  3. Jiya_.dee

    Wooow, me too dey find oyibo man oooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, Dubrovnik is indeed a beautiful city, the bridge with crystals really caught my attention, I will really love to see it.

    1. Tola

      It is such a beautiful place!

  4. Jiya_.dee

    I will love to have a game of thrones tour, the city is really beautiful and I guess their walls are like that of the Chinese cities, thank you for sharing your travels ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Tola

      thank you for joining me and reading

  5. Diamondfa44

    Amazing 👏👏👏👏
    You really had some good time but the risk of following a stranger around is a no no for me, you were lucky though and it seems they have lovely people there
    Aside the beauty of the city, I need oyinbo man my sis😁

    1. Tola

      Hoping you bag your man soon!

  6. Pretty_mimi89

    Wow 👏👏 So amazing and interesting to read. You are such a courageous woman walking with a stranger alone in the city of Dubrovnik. I would love to travel to Dubrovnik with a visit to Montenegro. Hopefully, I find an oyinbo husband 😊. Looking forward to your next blog post..

    1. Tola

      I know right, it was a crazy thing to do.

  7. Ignatius Christiana

    I love those ancient architecture, it really made the place look homely and warm. I have always had interest in Croatia ever since the last world cup. How were you able to deal with the language barrier?

  8. Abiodun Ogunnika

    :Amazing location. Must visit

  9. Julia

    Wow. It’s good to know how much they value black women😁😁

  10. Fatima


  11. Onyechima

    Beautiful place. What an interesting read. Directed here by @xtyqueen18

  12. Abiodun Ogunnika

    Oh my…! Just beautiful. Looks like an archaeological site.

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